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Premium Elite

- Tinting & Coating -

SOLAR GARD PREMIUM ELITE is an all-in-one tinting and coating solution, specially designed to provide protection and comfort for both drivers and passengers seeking to escape the sweltering Malaysian heat. 

The combination of comfort and class with cutting edge technology from the USA, Solar Gard Premium Elite tint films possess excellent qualities in terms of heat rejection, safety and security, as well as paint protection. 

Get peace on your mind with SOLAR GARD PREMIUM ELITE, the best car tint film that starts working the minute it’s installed on your car!

So, next time when you are looking for auto tint and ask, “Which is the best tint shop near me?”, ask no more. Solar Gard is the best car tint shop in Malaysia.

Protect Interior

  • Prevent sun glare and exposure to harmful UV rays
  • Reduce risks of skin cancer
  • Preserve interior leather and fabric from fading

Cooler Driving

  • Rejects 99% infra-red and 65% total solar energy
  • Reduces vehicle internal temperature

Ensure Safety

  • Special adhesive: no more shattered glass
  • Protection from smash and grab situations

Manufacturer-backed Warranty

  • Cutting edge technology from the USA
  • Preserve comfort for up to 7 years

Enhanced Appearance

  • Guarantees against fading or colour alteration
  • Ensure a brand new appearance for years
  • Darker, more privacy: a combination of comfort and class

- Tinting & Coating -

Technical Features of Premium Elite Films 

25% Visible Light Transmittance
6% Visible Light Reflectance
99% Ultra-Violet Radiation Rejection
99% Infra-Red Heat Rejection
65% Total Solar Energy Rejection

Promotion Price from RM 3688 – N/P RM 5800

Additional Feature(s)
Up to 7 Years Manufacturer-backed Warranty for Tinting
1 Year Warranty for Coating
Compliance with JPJ Regulations

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NOTE (T&C): The Premium Elite Package is currently not available in Sabah

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