Solar Gard Malaysia

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Best Tint Brand in Malaysia

Solar Gard® window film is the one products that starts working for you the minute it’s installed on your car, home and office.
What matters to you, we’re on it.
total solar energy rejection
Rejecting solar heat improves comfort and keeps you cool
Energy Cost Saving
Carbon-negative solutions proven to save money on energy use.
UV Protection
Solar Gard window film is equivalent to SPF 285 for your windows.
Glare Reduction
Blocking solar glare and bright lights offers visual comfort.

Automotive Tinting

Increase safety, prevent glare from the sun, and block up to 79% of solar heat for a cooler ride.

Make your vehicle look new for years. ​

Home & Office Window Tinting

Save energy costs, maintain a more comfortable and productive
environment, and increase privacy all year.

Add an invisible layer of security for your home and business.



Ensured Quality & Performance

Solar Gard® conducts vigorous performance testing to ensure our products perform as expected in various conditions. The colour of our tint film will be guaranteed lasting throughout their lifetime.

World Class Brand Reputation

Located in more than 64 countries, Solar Gard® is a global leader in patent-protected film technologies for car, residential & commercial building.


Environmentally Driven Products

Solar Gard ® is the first manufacturer of window films to publish an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). We are committed to provide sustainable solutions to improving energy efficiency.